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About Us

Owner Ed Devereux opened Unabridged Bookstore in its current location at 3251 N. Broadway in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood on Saturday, November 1, 1980, and while it has expanded since, his vision has remained the same: to promote and sell great books, focusing on gay and lesbian titles while maintaining an excellent selection for the general public.

In an era of explosive chain store growth, the advent of Amazon.com, and a corresponding disappearance of independent media outlets, a thriving bookstore specializing in gay and lesbian books as well as general fiction, children's, travel, and home design titles is worth celebrating.

Unabridged is known for its dedicated, knowledgeable full-time staff, (and their hand-written personal recommendations) an unparalleled sale book section, and an award-winning children's section.

It's safe to say that Unabridged is the only bookstore in the Chicago area where a shopper can buy the latest issue of a gay magazine, a copy of children's classic Goodnight Moon, or newest title, and pick up the latest literary fiction & non-fiction sensation, all in one stop.


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