Wear Moi, LLC.


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About Us

Wear Moi is proud to celebrate its 26th anniversary and to con?rm its position as one of the leading dancewear brand in over 60 countries around the world.
Wear Moi was born from the passion of its founders, Christophe and Elisabeth Ridet.
Wear Moi’s apparel, slippers, and pointe shoes are unsurpassed in comfort and are continually optimized with the latest in technical innovation.
From the beginning stages of design to the finished product, Wear Moi works with the best artisans in trade to create something that is truly special and unique.
Passion for Excellence is what gives Wear Moi such a distinction in ballet dancewear.
In creating innovative styles and unique aesthetic, Wear Moi commits to provide to its customers, the very best in dance fashion thanks to high-quality products designed in France, by dancers, for dancers.


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