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About Us

Our Coordinates.
659 W Diversey Parkway
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472 3667 (DOOR)

Industry biggie meets local startup. Next Door® is born.

OK, we admit it, ''Financial Coaching'' might not sound super-exciting at first. For most of us, money comes in, goes out and that's that. But honestly, that's not enough. Life moves so fast. Rent! Debt! Cars! Kids! We need to slow down and make a plan.

That's where Next Door comes in.

A couple years ago, we were sitting around the State Farm® office. You know, the State Farm that's been in the protecting-your-stuff biz since 1922 and we had a revelation. What if we didn't have to face the scary idea of planning our futures alone, scavenging for info online? What if we talked and worked together in new, collaborative ways and figured things out?

Yeah, what if...

So we started imagining a community space where anyone could ask questions about finances and insurance and get some answers. A spot to hang out, take classes, and talk with Financial Coaches. Oh, yeah, and everything would be free.

Free? Yes, really.
Why? Because we're experimenting. We really want to learn what people really want. Then, we'll shoot those wants back to the Farm. We help you. You help us innovate. We're all smarter for it. We think it's a win-win.

For now, there's only one Next Door, right here in Chicago. Drop by next time you're in the neighborhood, neighbor.


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