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Love You Nail Salon


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About Us

Love You nail salon provides you with the high-quality services! Our team includes the best Nail techs, each of them has more than 5 years' experience of work. We have the highest quality materials and best medicine sanitation.
And WOW! We have the coolest discounts!
- 20% for overlay Gel manicure and pedicure!
- 15% for Dazzle dry (mani/pedi).
The dazzle dry is the fastest drying polish (will take around 5 mins to get dry) also it is vegan, nontoxic and natural polish.
By the way, we are posting our Nail techs results on social media every day!


Beautiful overlay gel set, made by one of the best nail techs!
super cute and sweet colours
Quality is our everything, extansions plus overlay gel
Cute and gentle set
Cat eyes color or also known as space color
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