Ama La Vida

About Us

• Finding a fulfilling career path
• Making a career transition
• Resume & Interview coaching
• LinkedIn profiles & personal branding
• Health Coaching
• Gut Health
• Burnout and Stress Management
• Body Confidence

At Ama La Vida, we believe that a coach requires thorough training through a reputable and accredited coach training program. We have a rigorous recruitment process and onboarding program to ensure that every coach meets our high standards and can deliver the outcomes that our clients deserve.

While each founder’s story is unique, they all have a common thread. We woke up one morning and realized the life we were living was not one we loved. This is not because we were unsuccessful in our early careers. We all quickly climbed the ranks in our respective organizations. We felt we had sprinted down the fast track to nowhere because, while in well-paying and highly-regarded professions, happiness and fulfillment still weren’t there.
Through various avenues we found our way to coaching and to each other. The road to happiness and fulfillment was often quite bumpy. Realizing how many others had the same lackluster feeling toward their life, we wanted to smooth some of the bumps on the path to finding and living squarely within your Purpose. Living a life that has meaning and feeling satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing it was a day well spent.

And so we built Ama La Vida and a set of programs that help you get to know yourself, understand what’s missing for you and transform your life into one you truly love.